Media Reference Stack - Ubuntu*

The Media Reference Stack (MeRS) is a highly optimized software stack for Intel® Architecture Processors (the CPU) and Intel® Processor Graphics (the GPU) to enable media prioritized transcode and analytics workloads, such as smart city applications, immersive media enhancement, video surveillance, and product placement.

Building container image

The Dockerfiles for all Intel System Stacks container images are available at stacks repository. These can be used to build and modify the media image at MeRS

docker build --no-cache -t sysstacks/mers-ubuntu .

Note: Default build args in Docker are on:

Getting MeRS pre-built image

In case you want to pull the image directly instead of building it, official images are located at docker hub so it can be pulled with the following command

docker pull sysstacks/mers-ubuntu

Running the Media Container

Once you have the Media Reference Stack image, run it with

docker run -it --rm \

Run examples

For transcoding and video analytics examples and pipelines, please see the official documentation on the Intel® oneContainer Portal at the Get Started Guide

Reporting Security Issues

If you have discovered potential security vulnerability in an Intel product, please contact the iPSIRT at

It is important to include the following details:

  • The products and versions affected

  • Detailed description of the vulnerability

  • Information on known exploits

Vulnerability information is extremely sensitive. The iPSIRT strongly recommends that all security vulnerability reports sent to Intel be encrypted using the iPSIRT PGP key. The PGP key is available here:

Software to encrypt messages may be obtained from:

  • PGP Corporation

  • GnuPG

For more information on how Intel works to resolve security issues, see: Vulnerability handling guidelines