Known Issues

MeRS v0.4.0

  • No Known Issues

MeRS v0.3.0

  • No Known Issues

MeRS v0.2.0

vaapi sink:

  • Vaapisink is causing SIGSEGV when vaapi transcode required through this sink, i.e. gst-launch-1.0 filesrc location=relax.jpg ! jpegparse ! vaapijpegdec ! imagefreeze ! vaapisink

    The fix is at libva 2.7.0 available at the release moment of MeRS v0.2.0 series hence, this component bump will be included in the next release.


  • The gst-vaapi*dec elements crash when fake-sinking on headless enviroments, i.e. vaapih264dec ! fakesink.

    The patch is available at release moment of this version hence, this fix will be included in the next minor release. The workaround is to use the vaapisink element. Issue is being tracked upstream at

MeRS v0.1.0