System Stacks for Linux* OS Documentation

These open source community releases are part of an effort to ensure developers have easy access to the features and functionality of Intel Platforms. More information about the stacks is available on the Intel® oneContainer Portal .

Deep Learning Reference Stack

The Deep Learning Reference Stack is an integrated, highly-performant open source stack optimized for Intel® Xeon® Scalable platforms.

Data Services Reference Stack

The Data Services Reference Stack (DSRS) combines the best-in-class database and data analytics management apps. Featuring Intel® Optane™ DC persistent memory, DSRS helps you to store and process large amounts of data at unprecedented speeds using a distributed processing framework.

Media Reference Stack

The Media Reference Stack is designed to accelerate offline and live media processing, analytics, and inference recommendations for real-world use cases such as smart city applications, immersive media enhancement, video surveillance, and product placement.

High Performance Computing Reference Stack

The High Performance Computing Reference Stack (HPCRS) meets the needs of deploying HPC and AI workloads on the same system. This software solution reduces the complexities associated with integrating software components for High Performance Computing (HPC) workloads.

oneContainer Resources

A collection of resources to make developing and deploying containers simpler.

System Stacks Whitepapers

Covering a range of topics from optimizing for performance to combining stacks to create a real world medical solution, the white papers provide analysis of the how and why the stacks can be used.

Performance and Benchmarks

Find benchmark and performance information about the System Stacks releases.

Real World Use Cases

This repository offers example use cases to explore the possibilities enabled by the System Stacks.

Source Code

Find the source code for the System Stacks for Linux OS in this GitHub repository.