Media Reference Stack - Clear Linux* OS

Building Locally

The Dockerfiles for all Intel System Stacks container images are available at stacks repository. These can be used to build and modify the media image at MeRS

docker build --no-cache -t sysstacks/stacks-mers-clearlinux .

Note: Default build args in Docker are on:

Pulling from Docker Hub

In case you want to pull the image directly instead of building it, official images are located at docker hub so it can be pulled with the following command

docker pull sysstacks/stacks-mers-clearlinux

Note: The pulled image Clear Linux version may differ from and image built locally and the reason is that the OS is a rolling distro. Most probably, the local built image will have a greater version that the one pulled from Docker hub, the former not tested for the particular OS version.

Running the Media Container

Once you have the Media Reference Stack image, run it with

docker run -it sysstacks/stacks-mers-clearlinux

Note: Since Clear Linux OS is a stateless system, avoid modifying the files under the /usr directory instead use /etc otherwise the software updater may overwrite /usr files.

Run examples

For transcoding and video analytics examples and pipelines, please see the official documentation at: