Robot support

Hardware Requirements

Software Requirements

  • We support Ubuntu Linux 18.04 (Bionic Beaver) on 64-bit. We do not support Mac OS X and Windows.
  • Robot DevKit

Installation Steps

Automated installation

git clone
cd robot_devkit

Manual installation

# Build ROS2 packages
./ config --default                    # select a target product, default option is turtlebot3
./ install-deps                        # install system dependences
./ sync-src  --force                   # sync source code for selected packages
./ build                               # build all ROS2 packges
./ install                             # install generated ros2 to /opt/robot_devkit folder.

# Remove ROS2 packages
./ clean                               # remove build folders.
./ uninstall                           # delete rdk_ws folder and uninstall generated ros2 from /opt/robot_devkit folder.


The build workspace overlay will be like this:

└── rdk_ws
    ├── turtlebot3_ws # Turtlebot3 packages from ./packages/turtlebot3/repos.
    │   ├── build
    │   ├── install
    │   └── src
    └── perception_ws # Intel® packages from ./packages/perception/repos
        ├── build
        ├── install
        └── src

Develop ROS2 packages

Edit installed component (ros2_intel_realsense for example)

source /opt/robot_devkit/robot_devkit_setup.bash
cd ~/robot_devkit/rdk_ws/perception_ws
colcon build --symlink-install --base-paths src/intel/ros2_intel_realsense
source install/local_setup.bash

Create a new project

After Robot Devkit build environment installed, you could source setup.bash and develop your own ROS2 packages.

source /opt/robot_devkit/robot_devkit_setup.bash
mkdir ~/ros2_ws && cd ~/ros2_ws

Then you can follow the ROS2 official document to create and build your own packages.