Welcome to Intel® Robot Dev Kit Tutorial

Intel® Robot DevKit (RDK) is the tool to generate robotics software development environment designed for autonomous devices, including the ROS2 core and capabilities packages like perception, planning, control driver etc. It provides flexible build and runtime configurations to run on different heterogeneous hardware components. For example, one can use the GPU or VPU to accelerate CNN models.

After build, the RDK is installed on Ubuntu18.04 with below items on development machine for further development.

  • ROS2 core
  • ROS2 Object Analytics(OA) with RealSense™ and Movidius NCS2
  • ROS2 OpenVINO for people detection
  • Gazebo 9 with Gazebo-ros2 simulator
  • ROS2 navigation
  • rviz2
  • ROS2 tutorial for Intel® components