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queue_impl.hpp File Reference
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class  sycl::_V1::detail::queue_impl
struct  sycl::_V1::detail::queue_impl::DependencyTrackingItems




enum class  sycl::_V1::detail::CUDAContextT : char { sycl::_V1::detail::primary , sycl::_V1::detail::custom }
 Possible CUDA context types supported by PI CUDA backend TODO: Implement this as a property once there is an extension document. More...
enum  sycl::_V1::detail::QueueOrder { sycl::_V1::detail::Ordered , sycl::_V1::detail::OOO }


static constexpr size_t sycl::_V1::detail::MaxNumQueues = 256
 Sets max number of queues supported by FPGA RT. More...
constexpr CUDAContextT sycl::_V1::detail::DefaultContextType = CUDAContextT::custom
 Default context type created for CUDA backend. More...