Common Guide for Running


Intel GPU Driver

Refer to Install Intel GPU driver

Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit

Refer to Install Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit

Setup Running Environment

  1. Python

    We recommend you use Python 3.9 or newer. Check which version you’re running by using this command:

    python -V
  2. Create Virtual Environment

    We recommend you create a virtual Python environment called env_itex and install official Tensorflow* in it, like this:

    export ENV_NAME=env_itex
    rm -rf $ENV_NAME
    python -m venv $ENV_NAME
    source $ENV_NAME/bin/activate
    pip install --upgrade pip
    pip install tensorflow
  3. Install Intel® Extension for TensorFlow*

    pip install --upgrade intel-extension-for-tensorflow[xpu]


Enable oneAPI Running Environment

source /opt/intel/oneapi/

Enable Virtual Running Environment

source env_itex/bin/activate

Run Script

Run your script with Intel® Extension for TensorFlow*.