Welcome to Intel® Extension for Tensorflow* Documentation

Intel® Extension for TensorFlow* is compatible with the stock TensorFlow public API definition, maintaining the same user experience of stock TensorFlow public API.

Intel® Extension for TensorFlow* provides additional custom APIs to extend the stock TensorFlow public API. Both Python API and low level XPU kernels are implemented. Users can import and use the custom API under itex.ops namespace.

Architecture of Intel® Extension for Tensorflow*

Generally, the default configuration of Intel® Extension for TensorFlow* can provide good performance without any code changes. For advanced users, simple frontend Python APIs and utilities can be used to provide peak performance optimizations with minor code changes for specialized application scenarios. Typically, only two to three clauses are required to be added to the original code.

Intel® Extension for Tensorflow* has been released as an open–source project at Github. Source code is available at master branch. Check the tutorial for detailed information.