Usage of python binding for ad_rss_map_integration

Compilation of ad_rss_map_integration_python (build option -DBUILD_PYTHON_BINDING=ON) will create an ad_rss_map_integration python package inside the install/ad_rss_map_integration/lib/pythonMaj.Min/site-packages folder. The packages can be used inside any python code to use datatypes or call methods defined in ad_rss_map_integration and its dependencies ad_physics, ad_map_access and ad_rss.

Usage of python binding

To use the compiled python binding, one has to extend the current environment to be able to use the newly created library. Afterwards, one can import the python package and use it as any other python module.

 ad-rss-lib$> echo "Setting PYTHONPATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH:"
 ad-rss-lib$> source install/setup.bash
 ad-rss-lib$> python3.8
 >>> import ad_rss_map_integration as ad
 >>> scene_creation =,
 >>> world_model = scene_creation.getWorldModel()
 >>> print(world_model)

Also the interface of the dependencies can be accessed directly, since ad_rss_map_integration is relying on those (e.g. the type of the above returned world_model is actually provided by ad_rss):

 >>> lanes =
 >>> print(len(lanes))
 >>> distance = ad.physics.Distance(2.0)
 >>> print(distance)

For some simple examples, you might also want to spot into the ad_rss_map_integration/python/tests folder.