The following additional terms apply to the C++ Library for RSS (the “Software”) provided by Intel Corporation (“Intel”) to the recipient (“Recipient”).

  1. The Software implements the RSS calculations and rules corresponding to the following scenarios:

    • Multi-lane roads, i.e. longitudinal and lateral safe distance and proper response determination; and
    • Intersections, i.e. two or more routes of different geometry, rules for intersections of routes, with priority/right of way, and longitudinal and lateral proper response determination. However, in the case of intersections, it is assumed that there is always a lateral conflict; and
    • Unstructured roads and pedestrians.

    The following parts of RSS are NOT implemented in this release of the Software:

    • Occlusions;
    • Longitudinal or lateral evasive maneuvers as defined by RSS; and
    • Intersections without a lateral conflict.
  2. Recipient understands, acknowledges and agrees that the Software:

    • is a pre-production, research version intended for use in a testing simulator;
    • should not be considered full, complete, or fully functional;
    • does not contain all features necessary for a production version of the Software;
    • has not been fully tested (including security testing) and may contain bugs, errors or faults;
    • is not suitable for commercial or production release as part of a larger system in its current state;
    • may not be suitable for development of transportation testing applications for test tracks or public roads; and
    • has not obtained any regulatory approvals (such as, UL or FCC), or obtained any certifications or qualifications (such as, AEC-Q100) and may therefore not be certified for use in certain countries or environments.
  3. By using the Software, Recipient agrees to the following:

    • Recipient expressly assumes all risks associated with the use of the Software, which are provided “AS IS” by Intel with all faults.