Latest changes

Release 4.5.1

👻 Maintenance

  • Fix: removed duplicated spdlog dependency
  • Update map to v2.6.0

Release 4.5.0

🚀 New Features

  • Remove Ubuntu 16.04 support
  • Add creation of python wheels
  • Update map to v2.5.0

Release 4.4.3

👻 Maintenance

  • Fix: ad_rss_map_integration python binding build

Release 4.4.2

👻 Maintenance

  • Ease version number handling and folder layout
  • Update map to latest v2.4.5_hotfix commit

Release 4.4.1

👻 Maintenance

  • Fix: Consider lateral fluctuation margin correctly.
  • Fix: ad_rss_map_integration don't shorten route too much within intersections
  • Updated ad_map_access to v2.4.5
  • Use target python version for build
  • Fix: Ensure maxSpeedOnAcceleration only limits the actual acceleration while reponse time.
  • is now generated by cmake so that it uses the proper C++ standard.

Release 4.4.0

👻 Maintenance

  • Unstructured constellation polygon creation: Add several parameters to adjust polygon calculation. Fix issues, refactor code.

Release 4.3.0

👻 Maintenance

  • Unstructured constellation polygon creation: Fix vehicle curvature calculation after response time, make DebugDrawing accessible from python

Release 4.2.0

👻 Maintenance

  • Improved user interface of python binding
  • Updated ad_map_access to v2.3.0
  • Update unstructured trajectory set calculation for pedestrians
  • Suppressed python code generation build output

Release 4.1.0

👻 Maintenance

  • Update unstructured trajectory set calculation
  • Build documentation update to make the plain cmake build more robust and especially make repeated builds with -DBUILD_PYTHON_BINDING=ON working

Release 4.0.1

👻 Maintenance

  • Fixed drive away mode in unstructured scenes
  • Fixed version number of ad_rss_map_integration

Release 4.0.0

🚀 New Features

  • Support of unstructured scenes/pedestrians
    • Extended ad::rss::situation::SituationType by Unstructured value
    • Extended ad::rss::situation::VehicleState by ad::rss::world::ObjectType and ad::rss::world::ObjectState members
    • Extended ad::rss::state::ProperResponse by ad::rss::state::UnstructuredSceneResponse and ad::rss::state::HeadingRangeVector members
    • Renamed ad::rss::world::AccelerationRestriction -> ad::rss::state::AccelerationRestriction and integrated it as a member into the ad::rss::state::ProperResponse.
    • Reflected this merge of the data types by renaming ad::rss::core::RssCheck::calculateAccelerationRestriction() to ad::rss::core::RssCheck::calculateProperResponse() and adapting the function parameters accordingly. Same applies for ad::rss::core::RssResponseResolving::provideProperResponse().
    • Extended ad::rss::state::RssState by ad::rss::situation::SituationType and ad::rss::state::UnstructuredSceneRssState members.
    • Extended ad::rss::state::RssStateSnapshot by ad::rss::state::UnstructuredSceneStateInformation member
    • Extended ad::rss::world::ObjectType by Pedestrian value
    • Extended ad::rss::world::Object by ::ad::rss::world::ObjectState member
    • Extended ad::rss::world::RssDynamics by ad::rss::world::UnstructuredSettings member
    • Extended ad::rss::map::RssSceneCreation::appendScenes() parameters by ad::physics::AngularVelocity of ego and object and provide the mode of operation ad::rss::map::RssMode (NotRelevant, Structured, Unstructured)
    • Extended ad::rss::map::RssSceneCreator and ad::rss::map::RssObjectConversion classes to support unstructured scenes

👻 Maintenance

  • Harmonized physics calcualions
    • Removed ad::rss::situation::CoordinateSystemAxis type
    • Refactored and extended calculations within Physics.hpp for unstructured cases
    • Made RssFormular.hpp public
  • Fixed consideration of maximum speed on accelerating:
    • Renamed ad::rss::world::RssDynamics::maxSpeed member to maxSpeedOnAcceleration to clarify that it's not the general max speed of the vehicle, but the maximum speed to be considered while accelerating within the response time.
    • Fixed the calcualtions to consider the case that the current speed before the acceleration can already be higher than the maxSpeedOnAcceleration parameter and in this case just no acceleration takes place
  • Improved BUILDING documentation

Release 3.0.1

👻 Maintenance

  • Fixed python binding for multiple python version built
  • Added python interface test execution
  • Updated documentation
  • Fixed clang-8 and gcc-9 build

Release 3.0.0

🚀 New Features

  • In preparation of the integration of unstructured scenes:
    • Deceleration values are given as negative values from now on
    • Remove separate Response Transformation to ease the merge of situations
    • On LateralResponse::None, the minimum value is not brakeMin anymore (that value was in each case irrelevant)
  • Reworked scene creation
    • Made RssSceneCreation a class with supporting classes RssObjectConversion and RssSceneCreator to support multi-threaded scene appending.
    • Allow for scene specific ego vehicle RSS dynamics
    • Handle empty ego route correctly
    • Handle use-case: ego vehicle at back
    • Handle use-case: merging route
    • Restricting routes to relevant scene region to prevent from inaccourate relative distances
    • Ensure that NotRelevantScene also provides filled occupied region content
    • Workaround for route start within intersections: Use objectRoute intersection in intersection scenes if ego route predictions don't provide intersection data at all (to be solved finally within ad::map::intersection::Intersection() class)
    • Massively extended scene creation unit tests
    • Make use of ad::map::route::getENUHeadingOfRoute() for more accurate object heading on route calculation
  • Renamed Math -> Physics and made header public

👻 Maintenance

  • Adaptions for python binding built to support newer boost versions as well as multiple python versions at the same time

Release 2.0.0

🚀 New Features

  • Added Integrating RSS with automated driving maps (ad_rss_map_integration)
  • Added logging support with spdlog
  • Introduced maxSpeed to RssDynamics and RSS calculations to support speed limits for details see
  • world::Velocity supports speed range input to be able to cope with speed fluctuations (i.e. in curves)

👻 Maintenance

  • Refactored types and namespaces
    • renamed ad_rss::physics::TimeIndex -> ad::world::TimeIndex
    • renamed ad_rss::physics::CoordinateSystemAxis -> ad::situation::CoordinateSystemAxis
    • renamed ad_rss::physics -> ad::physics and replaced by separate library (ad_physics) to ensure map and rss are using the same base types
    • renamed ad_rss -> ad::rss
  • Renamed actual shared library ad-rss-lib -> ad_rss
  • Refactored folder layout
  • Introduced colcon build for details see
  • Fix unit tests for gcc 7.4.0 (shipped with ubuntu 18.04)
  • Added ObjectIDVector support to Python binding

Release 1.6.0

🚀 New Features

  • Added Python binding

Release 1.5.0

👻 Maintenance

  • License change to LGPL v2.1

Release 1.4.0

  • Introduced more straight forward interface on intermediate functions to support better integration of the single calls into an external framework: SituationSnapshot, RssStateSnapshot, ProperResponse. Moved the timeIndex from the individual elements into these high level types to support the propagation of the timeIndex even if there are no other vehicles in the surrounding.
  • Did some renaming (e.g. ResponseState->RssState, ResponseStateVector->RssStateVector, ResponseInformation->RssStateInformation, ResponseEvaluator->RssStateEvaluator) to clarify by naming that the individual calcuated states only consider a snapshot in time without analysis of the dangerous threshold. The ProperResponse became its own type and got an own overall isSafe flag and a list of dangerousObjects.
  • Added ObjectId to Situation and RssState to preserve the mapping to the originating object which was lost with the introduction of multiple situations per object.
  • Increase amount of allowed situations because with multiple situations per object the amount of 100 might be hit too fast.
  • Improved merge of input scenarios to facilitate scene variations of the same situation
  • RssIntersectionChecker: since new situations may pop up when e.g. a previously occluded object is entering the field of view, one cannot guarantee that a previous safe state can be found. In this case, we have to brake instead of returning false.
  • Made some RssState operations available via public interface
  • Add option to select library build type (static/dynamic)

Release 1.3.0

  • Allow multiple situations per ego vehicle/object pair: Add RssSituationIdProvider and made RssSituationExtraction a class holding RssSituationIdProvider instance to keep track of the different situation classes
  • Renamed world::Dynamics in world::RssDynamics, extended it by responseTime and separated it from world::Object; world::Scene got the objectRssDynamics and world::WorldModel the egoVehicleRssDynamics each as separate elements
  • Extended world::Scene by egoVehicle object description as occupied regions and velocity are actually scene dependent (e.g. when considering different vehicle predictions)
  • Added world::ObjectType::Invalid
  • Small updates to be compliant to clang-tidy-3.8 static code analysis
  • Added basic FAQ
  • Added official support for Ubuntu 14.04 (GCC 4.8, Clang 3.4 and 3.8/3.9)
  • Added official support for Ubuntu 18.04 (GCC 7.3)
  • Download/Build gtest on the fly rather than using the version from the OS
  • Fixed documentation of RoadArea LaneSegment ordering (left -> right)
  • Fixed isSafe flags of the resolved response
  • Renamed some internal files from 'RSS...' -> 'Rss...' to have camel-case everywhere
  • Added ResponseInformation to provide more insight into intermediate result calculation

Release 1.2.0

  • Added support for Clang 5 and Clang 6
  • Added checks to enforce increasing time indices
  • Consider timeIndex=0 as error
  • Reduced maximum vector input sizes to more feasible numbers (20 lane segments, 50 road segments, 100 scenes)

Release 1.1.0

  • Made generated files and tests more explicit by moving into respective folders
  • Extended documentation
  • Increase test coverage
  • Fixed calculateLateralDimensions()
  • Extended extractSituation() by timeIndex parameter
  • Support for GCC 4.8
  • Harmonized library and git repo name by renaming ad_rss_lib -> ad-rss-lib

Release 1.0.0

  • Initial release