Include only CC6 datapoints

Suppose you have a raw wult result for a Xeon platform, and you want to include only datapoints with core C6 (CC6) residency in an HTML report. Supposed you do not want to include datapoints with package C2 (PC2) and package C6 (PC6) residency. Here is how to do this:

wult report --include 'CC6% > 0 & PC6% == 0 & PC2% == 0' <raw_result>

This command specifies the --include option which says that wult should only select datapoints with CC6 residency greater than zero and zero PC6/PC2 residency.

Fewer datapoints in the HTML report

Suppose you have two raw wult results:

$ ls
ivt-nic-c6-hfm-noaspm  ivt-tdt-c6-hfm-noaspm

Suppose the raw results contained 1000000 datapoints and you've generated a diff for them:

$ wult report -o ivt-c6-hfm-nic-vs-tdt ivt-nic-c6-hfm-noaspm ivt-tdt-c6-hfm-noaspm

$ du -sh ivt-c6-hfm-nic-vs-tdt/
406M   ivt-c6-hfm-nic-vs-tdt/

Suppose the diff is too large for your purposes (406M), and you want a diff that takes less storage.

One option for you is to include fewer datapoints in the report, for example 10000 instead of 1000000. You can use the --include option to select only the first 10000 datapoints.

$ wult report -o ivt-c6-hfm-nic-vs-tdt --include 'index < 10000' ivt-nic-c6-hfm-noaspm ivt-tdt-c6-hfm-noaspm

$ du -sh ivt-c6-hfm-nic-vs-tdt
11M    ivt-c6-hfm-nic-vs-tdt

Change Report IDs

Use the --reportids option to change report IDs when generating a report. The new IDs should be a comma-separated list of names. Wult will change the results in the order that they are provided.

Suppose you have collected two sets of results with the same report ID. You may want to generate a report with different IDs to clarify the difference between the two results (e.g. a difference in enabled C-states). This can be done with the following command:

wult report --reportids C1,C6 path/to/C1/result path/to/C6/result