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sampler.hpp File Reference
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class  cl::sycl::detail::image_accessor< DataT, Dimensions, AccessMode, AccessTarget, IsPlaceholder >
class  cl::sycl::sampler
 Encapsulates a configuration for sampling an image accessor. More...
struct  std::hash< cl::sycl::sampler >


 We provide new interfaces for matrix muliply in this patch:


enum  cl::sycl::addressing_mode : unsigned int {
  cl::sycl::addressing_mode::mirrored_repeat = CL_ADDRESS_MIRRORED_REPEAT, cl::sycl::addressing_mode::repeat = CL_ADDRESS_REPEAT, cl::sycl::addressing_mode::clamp_to_edge = CL_ADDRESS_CLAMP_TO_EDGE, cl::sycl::addressing_mode::clamp = CL_ADDRESS_CLAMP,
  cl::sycl::addressing_mode::none = CL_ADDRESS_NONE
enum  cl::sycl::filtering_mode : unsigned int { cl::sycl::filtering_mode::nearest = CL_FILTER_NEAREST, cl::sycl::filtering_mode::linear = CL_FILTER_LINEAR }
enum  cl::sycl::coordinate_normalization_mode : unsigned int { cl::sycl::coordinate_normalization_mode::normalized = 1, cl::sycl::coordinate_normalization_mode::unnormalized = 0 }