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class  cl::sycl::image< Dimensions, AllocatorT >
 Defines a shared image data. More...
class  cl::sycl::accessor< DataT, Dimensions, AccessMode, AccessTarget, IsPlaceholder, PropertyListT >
 Buffer accessor. More...
class  cl::sycl::detail::image_impl< Dimensions >


 We provide new interfaces for matrix muliply in this patch:


using cl::sycl::detail::image_allocator = aligned_allocator< byte >
template<typename T >
using cl::sycl::detail::is_validImageDataT = typename detail::is_contained< T, type_list< cl_int4, cl_uint4, cl_float4, cl_half4 > >::type
template<typename DataT >
using cl::sycl::detail::EnableIfImgAccDataT = typename detail::enable_if_t< is_validImageDataT< DataT >::value, DataT >


uint8_t cl::sycl::detail::getImageNumberChannels (image_channel_order Order)
uint8_t cl::sycl::detail::getImageElementSize (uint8_t NumChannels, image_channel_type Type)
RT::PiMemImageChannelOrder cl::sycl::detail::convertChannelOrder (image_channel_order Order)
image_channel_order cl::sycl::detail::convertChannelOrder (RT::PiMemImageChannelOrder Order)
RT::PiMemImageChannelType cl::sycl::detail::convertChannelType (image_channel_type Type)
image_channel_type cl::sycl::detail::convertChannelType (RT::PiMemImageChannelType Type)