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image_accessor_util.cpp File Reference
#include <sycl/accessor.hpp>
#include <sycl/builtins.hpp>
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int4 sycl::_V1::detail::getPixelCoordNearestFiltMode (float4, const addressing_mode, const range< 3 >)
int8 sycl::_V1::detail::getPixelCoordLinearFiltMode (float4, const addressing_mode, const range< 3 >, float4 &)
bool sycl::_V1::detail::isOutOfRange (const int4 PixelCoord, const addressing_mode SmplAddrMode, const range< 3 > ImgRange)
float4 sycl::_V1::detail::getBorderColor (const image_channel_order ImgChannelOrder)