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sycl::_V1::ext::oneapi::experimental::detail::executable_command_graph Class Reference

#include <sycl/ext/oneapi/experimental/graph.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 executable_command_graph ()=delete
 An executable command-graph is not user constructable. More...
void update (const command_graph< graph_state::modifiable > &Graph)
 Update the inputs & output of the graph. More...

Protected Member Functions

 executable_command_graph (const std::shared_ptr< detail::graph_impl > &Graph, const sycl::context &Ctx)
 Constructor used by internal runtime. More...
template<class Obj >
decltype(Obj::impl) friend sycl::detail::getSyclObjImpl (const Obj &SyclObject)
void finalizeImpl ()
 Creates a backend representation of the graph in impl member variable. More...

Protected Attributes

std::shared_ptr< detail::exec_graph_implimpl

Detailed Description

Definition at line 330 of file graph.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ executable_command_graph() [1/2]

sycl::_V1::ext::oneapi::experimental::detail::executable_command_graph::executable_command_graph ( )

An executable command-graph is not user constructable.

◆ executable_command_graph() [2/2]

sycl::_V1::ext::oneapi::experimental::detail::executable_command_graph::executable_command_graph ( const std::shared_ptr< detail::graph_impl > &  Graph,
const sycl::context Ctx 

Constructor used by internal runtime.

GraphDetail implementation class to construct with.
CtxContext to use for graph.

Definition at line 1273 of file graph_impl.cpp.

References finalizeImpl().

Member Function Documentation

◆ finalizeImpl()

void sycl::_V1::ext::oneapi::experimental::detail::executable_command_graph::finalizeImpl ( )

Creates a backend representation of the graph in impl member variable.

Definition at line 1279 of file graph_impl.cpp.

References impl, and sycl::_V1::ext::oneapi::experimental::native.

Referenced by executable_command_graph().

◆ sycl::detail::getSyclObjImpl()

template<class Obj >
decltype(Obj::impl) friend sycl::_V1::ext::oneapi::experimental::detail::executable_command_graph::sycl::detail::getSyclObjImpl ( const Obj &  SyclObject)

◆ update()

void sycl::_V1::ext::oneapi::experimental::detail::executable_command_graph::update ( const command_graph< graph_state::modifiable > &  Graph)

Update the inputs & output of the graph.

GraphGraph to use the inputs and outputs of.

Definition at line 1302 of file graph_impl.cpp.

References sycl::_V1::invalid.

Member Data Documentation

◆ impl

std::shared_ptr<detail::exec_graph_impl> sycl::_V1::ext::oneapi::experimental::detail::executable_command_graph::impl

Definition at line 353 of file graph.hpp.

Referenced by finalizeImpl().

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