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class  cl::sycl::range< dimensions >
 Defines the iteration domain of either a single work-group in a parallel dispatch, or the overall dimensions of the dispatch. More...
struct  cl::sycl::detail::BufferInterop< Backend, DataT, Dimensions, AllocatorT >
class  cl::sycl::buffer< T, dimensions, AllocatorT, __Enabled >
 Defines a shared array that can be used by kernels in queues. More...
struct  std::hash< cl::sycl::buffer< T, dimensions, AllocatorT > >


 We provide new interfaces for matrix muliply in this patch:


using cl::sycl::buffer_allocator = detail::sycl_memory_object_allocator< char >
template<typename >
using cl::sycl::detail::default_buffer_allocator = buffer_allocator


template<typename T , int Dimensions, typename AllocatorT >
buffer< T, Dimensions, AllocatorT, void > cl::sycl::detail::make_buffer_helper (pi_native_handle Handle, const context &Ctx, event Evt={}, bool OwnNativeHandle=true)
template<backend BackendName, typename DataT , int Dimensions, typename Allocator >
auto cl::sycl::detail::get_native_buffer (const buffer< DataT, Dimensions, Allocator, void > &Obj) -> backend_return_t< BackendName, buffer< DataT, Dimensions, Allocator, void >>