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allowlist.cpp File Reference
#include <detail/allowlist.hpp>
#include <detail/config.hpp>
#include <detail/device_impl.hpp>
#include <detail/platform_info.hpp>
#include <algorithm>
#include <regex>
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 We provide new interfaces for matrix muliply in this patch:


AllowListParsedT cl::sycl::detail::parseAllowList (const std::string &AllowListRaw)
bool cl::sycl::detail::deviceIsAllowed (const DeviceDescT &DeviceDesc, const AllowListParsedT &AllowListParsed)
void cl::sycl::detail::applyAllowList (std::vector< RT::PiDevice > &PiDevices, RT::PiPlatform PiPlatform, const plugin &Plugin)


constexpr char cl::sycl::detail::BackendNameKeyName [] = "BackendName"
constexpr char cl::sycl::detail::DeviceTypeKeyName [] = "DeviceType"
constexpr char cl::sycl::detail::DeviceVendorIdKeyName [] = "DeviceVendorId"
constexpr char cl::sycl::detail::DriverVersionKeyName [] = "DriverVersion"
constexpr char cl::sycl::detail::PlatformVersionKeyName [] = "PlatformVersion"
constexpr char cl::sycl::detail::DeviceNameKeyName [] = "DeviceName"
constexpr char cl::sycl::detail::PlatformNameKeyName [] = "PlatformName"
constexpr std::array< const char *, 7 > cl::sycl::detail::SupportedAllowListKeyNames