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class  cl::sycl::multi_ptr< ElementType, Space >
 Provides constructors for address space qualified and non address space qualified pointers to allow interoperability between plain C++ and OpenCL C. More...


 We provide new interfaces for matrix muliply in this patch:


template<typename ElementType >
using cl::sycl::generic_ptr = multi_ptr< ElementType, access::address_space::generic_space >
template<typename ElementType >
using cl::sycl::global_ptr = multi_ptr< ElementType, access::address_space::global_space >
template<typename ElementType >
using cl::sycl::device_ptr = multi_ptr< ElementType, access::address_space::ext_intel_global_device_space >
template<typename ElementType >
using cl::sycl::host_ptr = multi_ptr< ElementType, access::address_space::ext_intel_global_host_space >
template<typename ElementType >
using cl::sycl::local_ptr = multi_ptr< ElementType, access::address_space::local_space >
template<typename ElementType >
using cl::sycl::constant_ptr = multi_ptr< ElementType, access::address_space::constant_space >
template<typename ElementType >
using cl::sycl::private_ptr = multi_ptr< ElementType, access::address_space::private_space >