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opencl.hpp File Reference
#include <sycl/backend.hpp>
#include <string>
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 ---— Error handling, matching OpenCL plugin semantics.


platform sycl::_V1::opencl::make_platform (pi_native_handle NativeHandle)
device sycl::_V1::opencl::make_device (pi_native_handle NativeHandle)
context sycl::_V1::opencl::make_context (pi_native_handle NativeHandle)
queue sycl::_V1::opencl::make_queue (const context &Context, pi_native_handle InteropHandle)
bool sycl::_V1::opencl::has_extension (const sycl::platform &SyclPlatform, const std::string &Extension)
bool sycl::_V1::opencl::has_extension (const sycl::device &SyclDevice, const std::string &Extension)
template<typename T , typename detail::enable_if_t< std::is_same< T, platform >::value > * = nullptr>
sycl::_V1::opencl::make (typename detail::interop< backend::opencl, T >::type Interop)
template<typename T , typename detail::enable_if_t< std::is_same< T, queue >::value > * = nullptr>
sycl::_V1::opencl::make (const context &Context, typename detail::interop< backend::opencl, T >::type Interop)