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builtins.hpp File Reference
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 ---— Error handling, matching OpenCL plugin semantics.


#define __NOEXC   /*noexcept*/


template<typename FormatT , typename... Args>
int sycl::_V1::ext::oneapi::experimental::printf (const FormatT *__format, Args... args)
template<typename T >
__SYCL_ALWAYS_INLINE std::enable_if_t< sycl::detail::is_svgenfloatf< T >::value||sycl::detail::is_svgenfloath< T >::value, Tsycl::_V1::ext::oneapi::experimental::native::tanh (T x) __NOEXC
template<typename T , size_t N>
__SYCL_ALWAYS_INLINE std::enable_if_t< std::is_same_v< T, half >||std::is_same_v< T, float >, sycl::marray< T, N > > sycl::_V1::ext::oneapi::experimental::native::tanh (sycl::marray< T, N > x) __NOEXC
template<typename T >
__SYCL_ALWAYS_INLINE std::enable_if_t< sycl::detail::is_svgenfloath< T >::value, Tsycl::_V1::ext::oneapi::experimental::native::exp2 (T x) __NOEXC
template<size_t N>
__SYCL_ALWAYS_INLINE sycl::marray< half, N > sycl::_V1::ext::oneapi::experimental::native::exp2 (sycl::marray< half, N > x) __NOEXC

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#define __NOEXC   /*noexcept*/

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