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online_compiler.hpp File Reference
#include <sycl/detail/defines_elementary.hpp>
#include <sycl/detail/export.hpp>
#include <sycl/device.hpp>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
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class  sycl::_V1::ext::intel::experimental::device_arch
class  sycl::_V1::ext::intel::experimental::online_compile_error
 Represents an error happend during online compilation. More...
class  sycl::_V1::ext::intel::experimental::online_compiler< Lang >
 Represents an online compiler for the language given as template parameter. More...


 ---— Error handling, matching OpenCL plugin semantics.


using sycl::_V1::ext::intel::experimental::byte = unsigned char


enum class  sycl::_V1::ext::intel::experimental::compiled_code_format { sycl::_V1::ext::intel::experimental::spir_v = 0 }
enum class  sycl::_V1::ext::intel::experimental::source_language { sycl::_V1::ext::intel::experimental::opencl_c = 0 , sycl::_V1::ext::intel::experimental::cm = 1 }
 Designates a source language for the online compiler. More...