Intel® Extension for PyTorch* extends PyTorch* with the latest performance optimizations for Intel hardware. Optimizations take advantage of Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 512 (Intel® AVX-512) Vector Neural Network Instructions (VNNI) and Intel® Advanced Matrix Extensions (Intel® AMX) on Intel CPUs.


The package name used when you import Intel® Extension for PyTorch* changed from intel_pytorch_extension (for versions 1.2.0 through 1.9.0) to intel_extension_for_pytorch (for versions 1.10.0 and later). Use the correct package name depending on the version you are using.

For the detailed list of supported features and usage instructions, refer to Features. For overview of Large Language Models (LLM) optimizations and usage instructions, refer to the Large Language Models (LLM) section.

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API Documentation

For detailed description of the Intel® Extension for PyTorch* APIs, refer to the API Documentation section.