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pi_opencl.hpp File Reference
#include <climits>
#include <regex>
#include <string>
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class  OCLV::OpenCLVersion






const OpenCLVersion OCLV::V1_0 (1, 0)
const OpenCLVersion OCLV::V1_1 (1, 1)
const OpenCLVersion OCLV::V1_2 (1, 2)
const OpenCLVersion OCLV::V2_0 (2, 0)
const OpenCLVersion OCLV::V2_1 (2, 1)
const OpenCLVersion OCLV::V2_2 (2, 2)
const OpenCLVersion OCLV::V3_0 (3, 0)

Detailed Description

Declarations for vOpenCL Plugin. It is the interface between device-agnostic SYCL runtime layer and underlying OpenCL runtime.

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