VA-API  2.13.0.pre1
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VAProcFilterParameterBuffer3DLUT Struct Reference

3DLUT filter parametrization. More...

#include <va_vpp.h>

Public Attributes

VAProcFilterType type
 Filter type. Shall be set to VAProcFilter3DLUT.
VASurfaceID lut_surface
 lut_surface contains 3DLUT data in the 3DLUT memory layout, must be linear
uint16_t lut_size
 lut_size is the number of valid points on every dimension of the three dimensional look up table. The size of LUT (lut_size) shall be same among every dimension of the three dimensional look up table. The size of LUT (lut_size) shall be smaller than lut_stride[0/1/2].
uint16_t lut_stride [3]
 lut_stride are the number of points on every dimension of the three dimensional look up table. Three dimension can has 3 different stride, lut3d[lut_stride[0]][lut_stride[1]][lut_stride[2]]. But the valid point shall start from 0, the range of valid point is [0, lut_size-1] for every dimension.
uint16_t bit_depth
 bit_depth is the number of bits for every channel R, G or B (or Y, U, V)
uint16_t num_channel
 num_channel is the number of channels
uint32_t channel_mapping
 channel_mapping defines the mapping of input and output channels, could be one of VA_3DLUT_CHANNEL_XXX
uint32_t va_reserved [VA_PADDING_HIGH]
 reserved bytes for future use, must be zero

Detailed Description

3DLUT filter parametrization.

3DLUT (Three Dimensional Look Up Table) is often used when converting an image or a video frame from one color representation to another, for example, when converting log and gamma encodings, changing the color space, applying a color correction, changing the dynamic range, gamut mapping etc.

This buffer defines 3DLUT attributes and memory layout. The typical 3DLUT has fixed number(lut_size) per dimension and memory layout is 3 dimensional array as 3dlut[stride_0][stride_1]stride_2.

API user should query hardware capability by using the VAProcFilterCap3DLUT to get the 3DLUT attributes which hardware supports, and use these attributes. For example, if the user queries hardware, the API user could get caps with 3dlut[33][33]64. API user shall not use the attributes which hardware can not support.

3DLUT is usually used to transform input RGB/YUV values in one color space to output RGB values in another color space. Based on 1) the format and color space of VPP input and output and 2) 3DLUT memory layout and channel mapping, driver will enable some color space conversion implicitly if needed. For example, the input of VPP is P010 format in BT2020 color space, the output of VPP is NV12 in BT709 color space and the 3DLUT channel mapping is VA_3DLUT_CHANNEL_RGB_RGB, driver could build the data pipeline as P010(BT2020)->RGB(BT2020) ->3DULT(BT709)->NV12(BT709). Please note, the limitation of 3DLUT filter color space is that the color space of 3DLUT filter input data needs to be same as the input data of VPP; the color space of 3DLUT filter output data needs to be same as the output data of VPP; format does not have such limitation.

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