VA-API  2.19.0
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VAIQMatrixBufferJPEGBaseline Struct Reference

Quantization table for JPEG decoding. More...

#include <va_dec_jpeg.h>

Public Attributes

uint8_t load_quantiser_table [4]
 Specifies which quantiser_table is valid.
uint8_t quantiser_table [4][64]
 Quanziation tables indexed by table identifier (Tqi).
uint32_t va_reserved [VA_PADDING_LOW]
 Reserved bytes for future use, must be zero.

Detailed Description

Quantization table for JPEG decoding.

This structure holds the complete quantization tables. This is an aggregation of all quantization table (DQT) segments maintained by the application. i.e. up to 4 quantization tables are stored in there for baseline profile.

The #load_quantization_table array can be used as a hint to notify the VA driver implementation about which table(s) actually changed since the last submission of this buffer.

The quantiser_table values are specified in zig-zag scan order.

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