VA-API  2.13.0.pre1
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VAEncMiscParameterEncQuality Struct Reference

#include <va.h>

Public Attributes

uint8_t FTQSkipThresholdLUT [52]
uint16_t NonFTQSkipThresholdLUT [52]
uint32_t useRawPicForRef: 1
uint32_t skipCheckDisable: 1
uint32_t FTQOverride: 1
uint32_t FTQEnable: 1
uint32_t FTQSkipThresholdLUTInput: 1
uint32_t NonFTQSkipThresholdLUTInput: 1
uint32_t directBiasAdjustmentEnable: 1
uint32_t globalMotionBiasAdjustmentEnable: 1
uint32_t HMEMVCostScalingFactor: 2
uint32_t HMEDisable: 1
uint32_t SuperHMEDisable: 1
uint32_t UltraHMEDisable: 1
uint32_t PanicModeDisable: 1
uint32_t ForceRepartitionCheck: 2

Detailed Description

per frame encoder quality controls, once set they will persist for all future frames till it is updated again.

Member Data Documentation

◆ directBiasAdjustmentEnable

uint32_t VAEncMiscParameterEncQuality::directBiasAdjustmentEnable

Control to enable the ME mode decision algorithm to bias to fewer B Direct/Skip types. Applies only to B frames, all other frames will ignore this setting.

◆ ForceRepartitionCheck

uint32_t VAEncMiscParameterEncQuality::ForceRepartitionCheck

Force RepartitionCheck 0: DEFAULT - follow driver default settings. 1: FORCE_ENABLE - enable this feature totally for all cases. 2: FORCE_DISABLE - disable this feature totally for all cases.

◆ FTQEnable

uint32_t VAEncMiscParameterEncQuality::FTQEnable

Enables/disables FTQ.

◆ FTQOverride

uint32_t VAEncMiscParameterEncQuality::FTQOverride

Indicates app will override default driver FTQ settings using FTQEnable. FTQ is forward transform quantization

◆ FTQSkipThresholdLUT

uint8_t VAEncMiscParameterEncQuality::FTQSkipThresholdLUT[52]

Maps QP to skip thresholds when FTQ is enabled. Valid range is 0-255.

◆ FTQSkipThresholdLUTInput

uint32_t VAEncMiscParameterEncQuality::FTQSkipThresholdLUTInput

Indicates the app will provide the Skip Threshold LUT to use when FTQ is enabled (FTQSkipThresholdLUT), else default driver thresholds will be used.

◆ globalMotionBiasAdjustmentEnable

uint32_t VAEncMiscParameterEncQuality::globalMotionBiasAdjustmentEnable

Enables global motion bias. global motion also is called HME (Heirarchical Motion Estimation ) HME is used to handle large motions and avoiding local minima in the video encoding process down scaled the input and reference picture, then do ME. the result will be a predictor to next level HME or ME current interface divide the HME to 3 level. UltraHME , SuperHME, and HME, result of UltraHME will be input of SurperHME, result of superHME will be a input for HME. HME result will be input of ME. it is a switch for HMEMVCostScalingFactor can change the HME bias inside RDO stage

◆ HMEDisable

uint32_t VAEncMiscParameterEncQuality::HMEDisable

disable HME, if it is disabled. Super*ultraHME should also be disabled

◆ HMEMVCostScalingFactor

uint32_t VAEncMiscParameterEncQuality::HMEMVCostScalingFactor

MV cost scaling ratio for HME ( predictors. It is used when globalMotionBiasAdjustmentEnable == 1, else it is ignored. Values are: 0: set MV cost to be 0 for HME predictor. 1: scale MV cost to be 1/2 of the default value for HME predictor. 2: scale MV cost to be 1/4 of the default value for HME predictor. 3: scale MV cost to be 1/8 of the default value for HME predictor.

◆ NonFTQSkipThresholdLUT

uint16_t VAEncMiscParameterEncQuality::NonFTQSkipThresholdLUT[52]

Maps QP to skip thresholds when FTQ is disabled. Valid range is 0-65535.

◆ NonFTQSkipThresholdLUTInput

uint32_t VAEncMiscParameterEncQuality::NonFTQSkipThresholdLUTInput

Indicates the app will provide the Skip Threshold LUT to use when FTQ is disabled (NonFTQSkipThresholdLUT), else default driver thresholds will be used.

◆ PanicModeDisable

uint32_t VAEncMiscParameterEncQuality::PanicModeDisable

disable panic mode. Panic mode happened when there are extreme BRC (bit rate control) requirement frame size cant achieve the target of BRC. when Panic mode is triggered, Coefficients will be set to zero. disable panic mode will improve quality but will impact BRC

◆ skipCheckDisable

uint32_t VAEncMiscParameterEncQuality::skipCheckDisable

Disables skip check for ME stage, it will increase the bistream size but will improve the qulity

◆ SuperHMEDisable

uint32_t VAEncMiscParameterEncQuality::SuperHMEDisable

disable Super HME, if it is disabled, ultraHME should be disabled

◆ UltraHMEDisable

uint32_t VAEncMiscParameterEncQuality::UltraHMEDisable

disable Ultra HME

◆ useRawPicForRef

uint32_t VAEncMiscParameterEncQuality::useRawPicForRef

Use raw frames for reference instead of reconstructed frames. it only impact motion estimation (ME) stage, and will not impact MC stage so the reconstruct picture will can match with decode side

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