VA-API  2.13.0.pre1
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VAEncMBMapBufferVP8 Struct Reference

VP8 MB Segmentation ID Buffer. More...

#include <va_enc_vp8.h>

Public Attributes

uint32_t num_mbs
uint8_t * mb_segment_id
uint32_t va_reserved [VA_PADDING_LOW]
 Reserved bytes for future use, must be zero.

Detailed Description

VP8 MB Segmentation ID Buffer.

application provides buffer containing the initial segmentation id for each MB, in raster scan order. Rate control may reassign it. For an 640x480 video, the buffer has 1200 entries. the value of each entry should be in the range [0..3], inclusive. If segmentation is not enabled, application does not need to provide it.

Member Data Documentation

◆ mb_segment_id

uint8_t* VAEncMBMapBufferVP8::mb_segment_id

per MB Segmentation ID Buffer

◆ num_mbs

uint32_t VAEncMBMapBufferVP8::num_mbs

number of MBs in the frame. It is also the number of entries of mb_segment_id[];

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