VA-API  2.13.0.pre1
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VACodedBufferSegment Struct Reference

Coded buffer segment. More...

#include <va.h>

Public Attributes

uint32_t size
 Size of the data buffer in this segment (in bytes).
uint32_t bit_offset
 Bit offset into the data buffer where the video data starts.
uint32_t status
 Status set by the driver. See VA_CODED_BUF_STATUS_*.
uint32_t reserved
 Reserved for future use.
void * buf
 Pointer to the start of the data buffer.
void * next
 Pointer to the next VACodedBufferSegment element, or NULL if there is none.
uint32_t va_reserved [VA_PADDING_LOW]
 Reserved bytes for future use, must be zero.

Detailed Description

Coded buffer segment.

VACodedBufferSegment is an element of a linked list describing some information on the coded buffer. The coded buffer segment could contain either a single NAL unit, or more than one NAL unit. It is recommended (but not required) to return a single NAL unit in a coded buffer segment, and the implementation should set the VA_CODED_BUF_STATUS_SINGLE_NALU status flag if that is the case.

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