VA-API  2.13.0.pre1
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AV1 decoding API


union  VAConfigAttribValDecAV1Features
struct  VASegmentationStructAV1
 AV1 Decoding Picture Parameter Buffer Structure. More...
struct  VAFilmGrainStructAV1
 Film Grain Information. More...
struct  VADecPictureParameterBufferAV1
 AV1 Decoding Picture Parameter Buffer Structure. More...
struct  VASliceParameterBufferAV1
 AV1 Slice Parameter Buffer Structure. More...


enum  VAAV1TransformationType {
  VAAV1TransformationIdentity = 0, VAAV1TransformationTranslation = 1, VAAV1TransformationRotzoom = 2, VAAV1TransformationAffine = 3,


uint8_t VADecPictureParameterBufferAV1::profile
 sequence level information More...
uint8_t VADecPictureParameterBufferAV1::bit_depth_idx
 bit depth index value range [0..2] 0 - bit depth 8; 1 - bit depth 10; 2 - bit depth 12;
uint8_t VADecPictureParameterBufferAV1::matrix_coefficients
 corresponds to AV1 spec variable of the same name.
VASurfaceID VADecPictureParameterBufferAV1::current_frame
 Picture level information. More...
VASurfaceID VADecPictureParameterBufferAV1::current_display_picture
 display buffer of current picture Used for film grain applied decoded picture. Valid only when apply_grain equals 1.
uint8_t VADecPictureParameterBufferAV1::anchor_frames_num
 number of anchor frames for large scale tile This parameter gives the number of entries of anchor_frames_list[]. Value range [0..128].
VASurfaceID * VADecPictureParameterBufferAV1::anchor_frames_list
 anchor frame list for large scale tile For large scale tile applications, the anchor frames could come from previously decoded frames in current sequence (aka. internal), or from external sources. For external anchor frames, application should call API vaCreateBuffer() to generate frame buffers and populate them with pixel frames. And this process may happen multiple times. The array anchor_frames_list[] is used to register all the available anchor frames from both external and internal, up to the current frame instance. If a previously registerred anchor frame is no longer needed, it should be removed from the list. But it does not prevent applications from relacing the frame buffer with new anchor frames. Please note that the internal anchor frames may not still be present in the current DPB buffer. But if it is in the anchor_frames_list[], it should not be replaced with other frames or removed from memory until it is not shown in the list. This number of entries of the list is given by parameter anchor_frames_num.
uint16_t VADecPictureParameterBufferAV1::frame_width_minus1
 Picture resolution minus 1 Picture original resolution. If SuperRes is enabled, this is the upscaled resolution. value range [0..65535].
uint16_t VADecPictureParameterBufferAV1::output_frame_width_in_tiles_minus_1
 Output frame buffer size in unit of tiles Valid only when large_scale_tile equals 1. value range [0..65535].
VASurfaceID VADecPictureParameterBufferAV1::ref_frame_map [8]
 Surface indices of reference frames in DPB. More...
uint8_t VADecPictureParameterBufferAV1::ref_frame_idx [7]
 Reference frame indices. More...
uint8_t VADecPictureParameterBufferAV1::primary_ref_frame
 primary reference frame index Index into ref_frame_idx[], specifying which reference frame contains propagated info that should be loaded at the start of the frame. When value equals PRIMARY_REF_NONE (7), it indicates there is no primary reference frame. value range [0..7]
uint8_t VADecPictureParameterBufferAV1::tile_cols
 tile structure When uniform_tile_spacing_flag == 1, width_in_sbs_minus_1[] and height_in_sbs_minus_1[] should be ignored, which will be generated by driver based on tile_cols and tile_rows.
uint16_t VADecPictureParameterBufferAV1::tile_count_minus_1
 number of tiles minus 1 in large scale tile list Same as AV1 semantic element. Valid only when large_scale_tiles == 1.
uint8_t VADecPictureParameterBufferAV1::superres_scale_denominator
 Supper resolution scale denominator. When use_superres=1, superres_scale_denominator must be in the range [9..16]. When use_superres=0, superres_scale_denominator must be 8.
uint8_t VADecPictureParameterBufferAV1::interp_filter
 Interpolation filter. value range [0..4].
uint8_t VADecPictureParameterBufferAV1::filter_level [2]
 luma loop filter levels. value range [0..63].
uint8_t VADecPictureParameterBufferAV1::filter_level_u
 chroma loop filter levels. value range [0..63].
int8_t VADecPictureParameterBufferAV1::ref_deltas [8]
 The adjustment needed for the filter level based on the chosen reference frame. value range [-64..63].
int8_t VADecPictureParameterBufferAV1::mode_deltas [2]
 The adjustment needed for the filter level based on the chosen mode. value range [-64..63].
uint8_t VADecPictureParameterBufferAV1::base_qindex
 quantization More...
int8_t VADecPictureParameterBufferAV1::y_dc_delta_q
 Y DC delta from Y AC value range [-64..63].
int8_t VADecPictureParameterBufferAV1::u_dc_delta_q
 U DC delta from Y AC value range [-64..63].
int8_t VADecPictureParameterBufferAV1::u_ac_delta_q
 U AC delta from Y AC value range [-64..63].
int8_t VADecPictureParameterBufferAV1::v_dc_delta_q
 V DC delta from Y AC value range [-64..63].
int8_t VADecPictureParameterBufferAV1::v_ac_delta_q
 V AC delta from Y AC value range [-64..63].
union {
uint8_t VADecPictureParameterBufferAV1::cdef_damping_minus_3
 CDEF parameters.
uint8_t VADecPictureParameterBufferAV1::cdef_y_strengths [8]
union {
 loop restoration parameters
VAWarpedMotionParamsAV1 VADecPictureParameterBufferAV1::wm [7]
 global motion
uint32_t VASliceParameterBufferAV1::slice_data_size
 The byte count of current tile in the bitstream buffer, starting from first byte of the buffer. It uses the name slice_data_size to be consistent with other codec, but actually means tile_data_size.
uint32_t VASliceParameterBufferAV1::slice_data_offset
uint32_t VASliceParameterBufferAV1::slice_data_flag
uint8_t VASliceParameterBufferAV1::anchor_frame_idx
 anchor frame index for large scale tile. index into an array AnchorFrames of the frames that the tile uses for prediction. valid only when large_scale_tile equals 1.
uint16_t VASliceParameterBufferAV1::tile_idx_in_tile_list
 tile index in the tile list. Valid only when large_scale_tile is enabled. Driver uses this field to decide the tile output location.

Detailed Description

This AV1 decoding API supports 8-bit/10bit 420 format only.

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ VAAV1TransformationType


identity transformation, 0-parameter


translational motion, 2-parameter


simplified affine with rotation + zoom only, 4-parameter


affine, 6-parameter


transformation count

Variable Documentation

◆ base_qindex

uint8_t VADecPictureParameterBufferAV1::base_qindex


Y AC index value range [0..255]

◆ cdef_y_strengths

uint8_t VADecPictureParameterBufferAV1::cdef_y_strengths[8]

Encode cdef strength:

The cdef_y_strengths[] and cdef_uv_strengths[] are expected to be packed with both primary and secondary strength. The secondary strength is given in the lower two bits and the primary strength is given in the next four bits.

cdef_y_strengths[] & cdef_uv_strengths[] should be derived as: (cdef_y_strengths[]) = (cdef_y_pri_strength[] << 2) | (cdef_y_sec_strength[] & 0x03) (cdef_uv_strengths[]) = (cdef_uv_pri_strength[] << 2) | (cdef_uv_sec_strength[] & 0x03) In which, cdef_y_pri_strength[]/cdef_y_sec_strength[]/cdef_uv_pri_strength[]/cdef_uv_sec_strength[] are variables defined in AV1 Spec 5.9.19. The cdef_y_strengths[] & cdef_uv_strengths[] are corresponding to LIBAOM variables cm->cdef_strengths[] & cm->cdef_uv_strengths[] respectively.

◆ current_frame

VASurfaceID VADecPictureParameterBufferAV1::current_frame

Picture level information.

buffer description of decoded current picture

◆ enable_interintra_compound

uint32_t { ... } ::enable_interintra_compound


◆ frame_type

uint32_t { ... } ::frame_type

flags for current picture same syntax and semantic as those in AV1 code

Frame Type 0: KEY_FRAME; 1: INTER_FRAME; 2: INTRA_ONLY_FRAME; 3: SWITCH_FRAME For SWITCH_FRAME, application shall set error_resilient_mode = 1, refresh_frame_flags, etc. appropriately. And driver will convert it to INTER_FRAME.

◆ profile

uint8_t VADecPictureParameterBufferAV1::profile

sequence level information

AV1 bit stream profile

◆ ref_frame_idx

uint8_t VADecPictureParameterBufferAV1::ref_frame_idx[7]

Reference frame indices.

Contains a list of indices into ref_frame_map[8]. It specifies the reference frame correspondence. The indices of the array are defined as [LAST_FRAME – LAST_FRAME, LAST2_FRAME – LAST_FRAME, …, ALTREF_FRAME – LAST_FRAME], where each symbol is defined as: enum{INTRA_FRAME = 0, LAST_FRAME, LAST2_FRAME, LAST3_FRAME, GOLDEN_FRAME, BWDREF_FRAME, ALTREF2_FRAME, ALTREF_FRAME};

◆ ref_frame_map

VASurfaceID VADecPictureParameterBufferAV1::ref_frame_map[8]

Surface indices of reference frames in DPB.

Contains a list of uncompressed frame buffer surface indices as references. Application needs to make sure all the entries point to valid frames except for intra frames by checking ref_frame_id[]. If missing frame is identified, application may choose to perform error recovery by pointing problematic index to an alternative frame buffer. Driver is not responsible to validate reference frames' id.

◆ slice_data_flag

uint32_t VASliceParameterBufferAV1::slice_data_flag

see VA_SLICE_DATA_FLAG_XXX definitions

◆ slice_data_offset

uint32_t VASliceParameterBufferAV1::slice_data_offset

offset to the first byte of the data buffer.