9. Glossary

A board support package supported by a test target
BSP model

A combination of BSPs on which a test target works.

For example, the Arduino 101 x86 and arc BSPs that can work independently or together, the following BSP models would be supported: x86, arc and x86+arc.

In the context of tcf run, a hash is a four character code that uniquely identifies the test case name and the target where it ran.
Group of TCF servers that are meant to be used together, they all provide redundancy for targets of the same style.
A unique identifier for a run of testcases that groups the output and results of testcases. When specified, it will be prefixed to testcase output to clarify when it was generated.
Server herds can be split into sites, which is a subgroup of servers of the same herd that are physically located in the same place and might be sharing physical infrastructure
static testcase
A test case that doesn’t run on remote targets but in the local host where the test runner is executing.
Network Under Test or test network, to which test targets are connected. Usually isolated from the test infrastructure itself.
Provisioning OS; operating system running on the test target that is used to provision the target’s drive.
test case

A test case is a flow to evaluate a single requirement, feature or functionality.

A test case can be a program or a script

test target

Something that can be used to run a test case; this can be a group of actual HW units, not just a single one. It can be a computer, a light switch or a toaster.

Each test target has a name, a type and it might support zero or more BSPs (think for example, a board that has an x86 and an ARC processor, like the Arduino 101); as well it has a list of tags and values that describe its capabilities.

target controller
A piece of software that understands how to talk to a target
test target broker
A service/machine to which one or more test targets are connected. It offers an abstracted API to manipulate and operate them; the API is implemented via target-specific target controllers.
target broker
See test target broker.
target driver
Same as target controller
test finder
A piece of software that locates test cases by looking at tag strings that define them as such.
test case finder
Same as test finder
test runner
Linux machine that can drive the running and execution of test cases or command a target hardware to execute test cases.
test case driver

this is the entity that runs on the test runner that understands how different test cases can be run.

eg: knows how to launch a @static test case

eg: knows how to interpret the output of a cetain type of test cases to decide what it is

See test target broker
run ID
An identification tag for a particular run of a sequence of test cases in a set of targets