Welcome to Intel® Extension for Scikit-learn* Documentation

Scikit-learn* is a Python* module for machine learning. Intel® Extension for Scikit-learn* seamlessly speeds up your scikit-learn applications for Intel CPUs and GPUs across single- and multi-node configurations. This extension package dynamically patches scikit-learn estimators while improving performance for your machine learning algorithms.

The extension is part of the Intel® AI Analytics Toolkit (AI Kit) that provides flexibility to use machine learning tools with your existing AI packages.

Using scikit-learn with this extension, you can:

  • Speed up training and inference by up to 100x with the equivalent mathematical accuracy.
  • Continue to use the open source scikit-learn API.
  • Enable and disable the extension with a couple lines of code or at the command line.

You can learn more about Intel® Extension for Scikit-Learn* in the following video.

Designed for Data Scientists and Framework Designers

Intel® Extension for Scikit-learn* was created to provide data scientists with a way to get a better performance while using the familiar scikit-learn package and getting the same results.

To get started with Intel® Extension for Scikit-Learn*, please review the Getting Started Guide and Quick Start Guide sections of the documentation.