1. Release Notes

  2. Known Issues

  3. Incompatible Changes

Release Notes

View new feature information and release downloads for the latest and previous releases on GitHub. Validated configurations and distribution sites located here as well:

Contact if you need additional assistance.

Known Issues

The MSE tuning strategy does not work with the PyTorch adaptor layer. This strategy requires a comparison between the FP32 and INT8 tensors to decide which op impacts the final quantization accuracy. The PyTorch adaptor layer does not implement this inspect tensor interface. Therefore, do not choose the MSE tuning strategy for PyTorch models.

The diagnosis function does not work with ONNX Runtime 1.13.1 for QDQ format quantization of ONNX models. It can not dump the output value of QDQ pairs since framework limitation.

Incompatible Changes

Neural Compressor v1.2 introduces incompatible changes in user facing APIs. Please refer to incompatible changes to know which incompatible changes are made in v1.2.

Neural Compressor v1.2.1 solves this backward compatible issues introduced in v1.2 by moving new user facing APIs to neural_compressor.experimental package and keep old one as is. Please refer to API documentation to know the details of user-facing APIs.

Neural Compressor v1.7 renames the pip/conda package name from lpot to neural_compressor. To run old examples on latest software, please replace package name for compatibility with sed -i "s|lpot|neural_compressor|g" .

Neural Compressor v2.0 renames the DATASETS class as Datasets, please notice use cases like from import Datasets. Details please check the PR.

Neural Compressor v2.2 from this release, binary neural-compressor-full is deprecated, we deliver 3 binaries named neural-compressor, neural-solution and neural-insights.