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class  cl::sycl::ext::intel::esimd::simd< Ty, N >
 The main simd vector class. More...
class  cl::sycl::ext::intel::esimd::simd_view< BaseTy, RegionTy >
 This class represents a reference to a sub-region of a base simd object. More...


 We provide new interfaces for matrix muliply in this patch:


#define __esimd_dbg_print(a)


template<int N>
using cl::sycl::ext::intel::esimd::mask_type_t = detail::simd_mask_storage_t< N >

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◆ __esimd_dbg_print

#define __esimd_dbg_print (   a)

Definition at line 22 of file types.hpp.