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pi_command_list_info_t Struct Reference

#include <level_zero/pi_level_zero.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

bool isCopy (pi_queue Queue) const
size_t size () const
void append (pi_event Event)

Public Attributes

ze_fence_handle_t ZeFence {nullptr}
bool ZeFenceInUse {false}
ze_command_queue_handle_t ZeQueue {nullptr}
uint32_t ZeQueueGroupOrdinal {0}
std::vector< pi_eventEventList {}

Detailed Description

Definition at line 556 of file pi_level_zero.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ append()

void pi_command_list_info_t::append ( pi_event  Event)

Definition at line 582 of file pi_level_zero.hpp.

◆ isCopy()

bool pi_command_list_info_t::isCopy ( pi_queue  Queue) const

Definition at line 972 of file pi_level_zero.cpp.

References _pi_queue::Device, _pi_device::QueueGroup, and ZeQueueGroupOrdinal.

◆ size()

size_t pi_command_list_info_t::size ( ) const

Definition at line 581 of file pi_level_zero.hpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ EventList

std::vector<pi_event> pi_command_list_info_t::EventList {}

Definition at line 580 of file pi_level_zero.hpp.

◆ ZeFence

ze_fence_handle_t pi_command_list_info_t::ZeFence {nullptr}

Definition at line 560 of file pi_level_zero.hpp.

◆ ZeFenceInUse

bool pi_command_list_info_t::ZeFenceInUse {false}

Definition at line 566 of file pi_level_zero.hpp.

◆ ZeQueue

ze_command_queue_handle_t pi_command_list_info_t::ZeQueue {nullptr}

Definition at line 569 of file pi_level_zero.hpp.

◆ ZeQueueGroupOrdinal

uint32_t pi_command_list_info_t::ZeQueueGroupOrdinal {0}

Definition at line 571 of file pi_level_zero.hpp.

Referenced by isCopy().

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