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ze_api_generator Namespace Reference


def camel_to_snake (src)
def snake_to_camel (src)
def extract_ze_apis (header)


 header = f.read()

Function Documentation

◆ camel_to_snake()

def ze_api_generator.camel_to_snake (   src)

Definition at line 4 of file ze_api_generator.py.

Referenced by extract_ze_apis().

◆ extract_ze_apis()

def ze_api_generator.extract_ze_apis (   header)
Emit file with contents of
_ZE_API(api_name, api_domain, cb, param_type)

Definition at line 12 of file ze_api_generator.py.

References camel_to_snake(), and snake_to_camel().

◆ snake_to_camel()

def ze_api_generator.snake_to_camel (   src)

Definition at line 7 of file ze_api_generator.py.

References sycl::_V1.join().

Referenced by extract_ze_apis().

Variable Documentation

◆ header

ze_api_generator.header = f.read()

Definition at line 39 of file ze_api_generator.py.