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simd< _Tp, _Abi > Member List

This is the complete list of members for simd< _Tp, _Abi >, including all inherited members.

abi_type typedefsimd< _Tp, _Abi >
copy_from(const _Up *__buffer, _Flags)simd< _Tp, _Abi >inline
copy_to(_Up *__buffer, _Flags) constsimd< _Tp, _Abi >inline
mask_type typedefsimd< _Tp, _Abi >
operator raw_storage_type() constsimd< _Tp, _Abi >inline
operator!() constsimd< _Tp, _Abi >
operator!=(const simd &, const simd &)simd< _Tp, _Abi >friend
operator%(const simd &, const simd &)simd< _Tp, _Abi >friend
operator%=(simd &, const simd &)simd< _Tp, _Abi >friend
operator&(const simd &, const simd &)simd< _Tp, _Abi >friend
operator&=(simd &, const simd &)simd< _Tp, _Abi >friend
operator*(const simd &, const simd &)simd< _Tp, _Abi >friend
operator*=(simd &, const simd &)simd< _Tp, _Abi >friend
operator+() constsimd< _Tp, _Abi >
operator+(const simd &, const simd &)simd< _Tp, _Abi >friend
operator++()simd< _Tp, _Abi >
operator++(int)simd< _Tp, _Abi >
operator+=(simd &, const simd &)simd< _Tp, _Abi >friend
operator-() constsimd< _Tp, _Abi >
operator-(const simd &, const simd &)simd< _Tp, _Abi >friend
operator--()simd< _Tp, _Abi >
operator--(int)simd< _Tp, _Abi >
operator-=(simd &, const simd &)simd< _Tp, _Abi >friend
operator/(const simd &, const simd &)simd< _Tp, _Abi >friend
operator/=(simd &, const simd &)simd< _Tp, _Abi >friend
operator<<(const simd &, const simd &)simd< _Tp, _Abi >friend
operator<<(const simd &, int)simd< _Tp, _Abi >friend
operator<<=(simd &, const simd &)simd< _Tp, _Abi >friend
operator<<=(simd &, int)simd< _Tp, _Abi >friend
operator<=(const simd &, const simd &)simd< _Tp, _Abi >friend
operator=(const simd &)=defaultsimd< _Tp, _Abi >
operator==(const simd &, const simd &)simd< _Tp, _Abi >friend
operator>(const simd &, const simd &)simd< _Tp, _Abi >friend
operator>=(const simd &, const simd &)simd< _Tp, _Abi >friend
operator>>(const simd &, const simd &)simd< _Tp, _Abi >friend
operator>>(const simd &, int)simd< _Tp, _Abi >friend
operator>>=(simd &, const simd &)simd< _Tp, _Abi >friend
operator>>=(simd &, int)simd< _Tp, _Abi >friend
operator[](size_t __i)simd< _Tp, _Abi >inline
operator[](size_t __i) constsimd< _Tp, _Abi >inline
operator^(const simd &, const simd &)simd< _Tp, _Abi >friend
operator^=(simd &, const simd &)simd< _Tp, _Abi >friend
operator|(const simd &, const simd &)simd< _Tp, _Abi >friend
operator|=(simd &, const simd &)simd< _Tp, _Abi >friend
operator~() constsimd< _Tp, _Abi >
raw_storage_type typedefsimd< _Tp, _Abi >
reference typedefsimd< _Tp, _Abi >
simd classsimd< _Tp, _Abi >friend
simd()=defaultsimd< _Tp, _Abi >
simd(const simd &)=defaultsimd< _Tp, _Abi >
simd(const raw_storage_type &__raw_simd)simd< _Tp, _Abi >inline
simd(const simd< _Up, _Abi > &__v)simd< _Tp, _Abi >inline
simd(const simd< _Up, simd_abi::fixed_size< size()>> &__v)simd< _Tp, _Abi >inline
simd(_Up &&__rv)simd< _Tp, _Abi >inline
simd(_Generator &&__g)simd< _Tp, _Abi >inlineexplicit
simd(const _Up *__buffer, _Flags)simd< _Tp, _Abi >inline
size() noexceptsimd< _Tp, _Abi >inlinestatic
value_type typedefsimd< _Tp, _Abi >