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builtins_common.cpp File Reference
#include "builtins_helper.hpp"
#include <cmath>
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 We provide new interfaces for matrix muliply in this patch:




s::cl_float cl::__host_std::fclamp (s::cl_float x, s::cl_float minval, s::cl_float maxval) __NOEXC
s::cl_double cl::__host_std::fclamp (s::cl_double x, s::cl_double minval, s::cl_double maxval) __NOEXC
s::cl_half cl::__host_std::fclamp (s::cl_half x, s::cl_half minval, s::cl_half maxval) __NOEXC
s::cl_float cl::__host_std::degrees (s::cl_float radians) __NOEXC
s::cl_double cl::__host_std::degrees (s::cl_double radians) __NOEXC
s::cl_half cl::__host_std::degrees (s::cl_half radians) __NOEXC
s::cl_float cl::__host_std::fmin_common (s::cl_float x, s::cl_float y) __NOEXC
s::cl_double cl::__host_std::fmin_common (s::cl_double x, s::cl_double y) __NOEXC
s::cl_half cl::__host_std::fmin_common (s::cl_half x, s::cl_half y) __NOEXC
s::cl_float cl::__host_std::fmax_common (s::cl_float x, s::cl_float y) __NOEXC
s::cl_double cl::__host_std::fmax_common (s::cl_double x, s::cl_double y) __NOEXC
s::cl_half cl::__host_std::fmax_common (s::cl_half x, s::cl_half y) __NOEXC
s::cl_float cl::__host_std::mix (s::cl_float x, s::cl_float y, s::cl_float a) __NOEXC
s::cl_double cl::__host_std::mix (s::cl_double x, s::cl_double y, s::cl_double a) __NOEXC
s::cl_half cl::__host_std::mix (s::cl_half x, s::cl_half y, s::cl_half a) __NOEXC
s::cl_float cl::__host_std::radians (s::cl_float degrees) __NOEXC
s::cl_double cl::__host_std::radians (s::cl_double degrees) __NOEXC
s::cl_half cl::__host_std::radians (s::cl_half degrees) __NOEXC
s::cl_float cl::__host_std::step (s::cl_float edge, s::cl_float x) __NOEXC
s::cl_double cl::__host_std::step (s::cl_double edge, s::cl_double x) __NOEXC
s::cl_half cl::__host_std::step (s::cl_half edge, s::cl_half x) __NOEXC
s::cl_float cl::__host_std::smoothstep (s::cl_float edge0, s::cl_float edge1, s::cl_float x) __NOEXC
s::cl_double cl::__host_std::smoothstep (s::cl_double edge0, s::cl_double edge1, s::cl_double x) __NOEXC
s::cl_half cl::__host_std::smoothstep (s::cl_half edge0, s::cl_half edge1, s::cl_half x) __NOEXC

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