Clang Linker Wrapper


This tool works as a wrapper over a linking job. The tool is used to create linked device images for offloading. It scans the linker’s input for embedded device offloading data stored in sections .llvm.offloading.<triple>.<arch> and extracts it as a temporary file. The extracted device files will then be passed to a device linking job to create a final device image. The sections will also be stripped and the resulting file passed back to the host linker.


This tool can be used with the following options. Arguments to the host linker being wrapper around are passed as positional arguments using the -- flag to override parsing.

USAGE: clang-linker-wrapper [options] <options to be passed to linker>...


Generic Options:

  --help                    - Display available options (--help-hidden for more)
  --help-list               - Display list of available options (--help-list-hidden for more)
  --version                 - Display the version of this program

clang-linker-wrapper options:

  --host-triple=<string>     - Triple to use for the host compilation
  --linker-path=<string>     - Path of linker binary
  --opt-level=<string>       - Optimization level for LTO
  --ptxas-option=<string>    - Argument to pass to the ptxas invocation
  --save-temps               - Save intermediary results.
  --strip-sections           - Strip offloading sections from the host object file.
  --target-embed-bc          - Embed linked bitcode instead of an executable device image
  --target-feature=<string>  - Target features for triple
  --bitcode-library=<string> - Path for the target bitcode library
  -v                         - Verbose output from tools


This tool links object files with offloading images embedded within it using the -fembed-offload-object flag in Clang. Given an input file containing the magic section we can pass it to this tool to extract the data contained at that section and run a device linking job on it.

clang-linker-wrapper -host-triple x86_64 -linker-path /usr/bin/ld -- <Args>