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VAConfigAttribValEncHEVCFeatures Union Reference

#include <va_enc_hevc.h>

Detailed Description

Attribute value for VAConfigAttribEncHEVCFeatures.

This attribute decribes the supported features of an HEVC/H.265 encoder configuration.

All of the field values in this attribute are VA_FEATURE_* values, indicating support for the corresponding feature.

Member Data Documentation

◆ amp

uint32_t VAConfigAttribValEncHEVCFeatures::amp

Asymmetric motion partitions.

Allows setting amp_enabled_flag in the SPS.

◆ constrained_intra_pred

uint32_t VAConfigAttribValEncHEVCFeatures::constrained_intra_pred

Constrained intra prediction.

Allows setting constrained_intra_pred_flag in the PPS.

◆ cu_qp_delta

uint32_t VAConfigAttribValEncHEVCFeatures::cu_qp_delta

QP delta within coding units.

Allows setting cu_qp_delta_enabled_flag in the PPS.

◆ deblocking_filter_disable

uint32_t VAConfigAttribValEncHEVCFeatures::deblocking_filter_disable

Deblocking filter disable.

Allows setting slice_deblocking_filter_disabled_flag.

◆ dependent_slices

uint32_t VAConfigAttribValEncHEVCFeatures::dependent_slices

Dependent slices.

Allows setting dependent_slice_segment_flag in slice headers.

◆ pcm

uint32_t VAConfigAttribValEncHEVCFeatures::pcm

PCM sample blocks.

Allows setting pcm_enabled_flag in the SPS. When enabled PCM parameters must be supplied with the sequence parameters, including block sizes which may be further constrained as noted in the VAConfigAttribEncHEVCBlockSizes attribute.

◆ sao

uint32_t VAConfigAttribValEncHEVCFeatures::sao

Sample adaptive offset filter.

Allows setting slice_sao_luma_flag and slice_sao_chroma_flag in slice headers.

◆ scaling_lists

uint32_t VAConfigAttribValEncHEVCFeatures::scaling_lists

Scaling lists.

Allows scaling_list() elements to be present in both the SPS and the PPS. The decoded form of the scaling lists must also be supplied in a VAQMatrixBufferHEVC buffer when scaling lists are enabled.

◆ separate_colour_planes

uint32_t VAConfigAttribValEncHEVCFeatures::separate_colour_planes

Separate colour planes.

Allows setting separate_colour_plane_flag in the SPS.

◆ sign_data_hiding

uint32_t VAConfigAttribValEncHEVCFeatures::sign_data_hiding

Sign data hiding.

Allows setting sign_data_hiding_enable_flag in the PPS.

◆ strong_intra_smoothing

uint32_t VAConfigAttribValEncHEVCFeatures::strong_intra_smoothing

Strong intra smoothing.

Allows setting strong_intra_smoothing_enabled_flag in the SPS.

◆ temporal_mvp

uint32_t VAConfigAttribValEncHEVCFeatures::temporal_mvp

Temporal motion vector Prediction.

Allows setting slice_temporal_mvp_enabled_flag in slice headers.

◆ transform_skip

uint32_t VAConfigAttribValEncHEVCFeatures::transform_skip

Transform skipping.

Allows setting transform_skip_enabled_flag in the PPS.

◆ transquant_bypass

uint32_t VAConfigAttribValEncHEVCFeatures::transquant_bypass

Transform and quantisation bypass.

Allows setting transquant_bypass_enabled_flag in the PPS.

◆ weighted_prediction

uint32_t VAConfigAttribValEncHEVCFeatures::weighted_prediction

Weighted prediction.

Allows setting weighted_pred_flag and weighted_bipred_flag in the PPS. The pred_weight_table() data must be supplied with every slice header when weighted prediction is enabled.

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