Intel® Data Accelerator Driver

The Intel® Data Accelerator Driver (IDXD) is a typical kernel driver that enumerates, configures and controls Intel® Data Streaming Accelerator (DSA) device instances in a system.
This component is referred to in the Intel® Scalable IOV specification as the Virtual Device Composition Module (VDCM) that creates instances to facilitate exposing a virtual Intel® DSA instance to a guest OS. Download the source code for the idxd driver here

accel-config is a utility that allows system administrators to configure groups, workqueues and engines. This parses the topology and capabilities exposed via sysfs and provides a command line interface to configure resources.
Download the source code for accel-config here

Documentation for accel-config can be accessed here

email list for accel-config can be reached at here

The scalable IOV specification can be accessed here

The Data Streaming Accelerator(DSA) specification can be accessed here