System Requirements

The following system requirements apply to the Intel® GPA Framework only. For a full list of system requirements please refer to the system requirements and Supported Platforms section of the Release Notes Intel(R) GPA Release Notes

Hardware Requirements

Intel® GPA Framework collects the maximum number of metrics on Intel®hardware. Intel® GPA Framework can work on third party graphics vendor hardware, but such vendors are not officially supported.

Software Requirements

  • Visual Studio 2019* or Visual Studio 2022*

  • CMake* (3.13+)

  • Python* 3.7+

  • Windows 10 SDK* (10.0.17763.0) for Desktop C++

  • Vulkan SDK*


The capture layer supports only 64 bit applications. The injection mechanism works in 32 bit processes to enable capturing for applications that require launchers in 32 bit.

Supported Graphics APIs

  • Vulkan*

  • DirectX* 11

  • DirectX* 12


The current level of support varies for different graphics APIs. For a more complete matrix of feature level support, see the Features page.