This project provides access to dffml APIs via an HTTP interface.

It exposes a REST-like API which mimics that of dffml’s command line interface (CLI) and usage as Python module.

You can install the HTTP API service via pip

$ python3.7 -m pip install dffml-service-http

If you want to install the latest development version, clone dffml and install from you can use git+

$ git clone
$ python3.7 -m pip install -e dffml/service/http

If you want to run this securely you can see Security.

For an insecure setup, which might be easier for you to get started with for development purposes. You can run the service via DFFML service command.

The default port is 8080. You can change this with the -port flag. Also, by default the service is only accessible via or localhost. To allow connections from machines other than the machine running the HTTP API, add the -addr This tells the server to allow connections coming from anywhere on your network. If your running this on a public server, your network is the internet, which is dangerous. Also since your web app you’re using for development is probably hosted on another port, you’ll need the cors flag.


By no means should you use the following command in a production environment! You should instead see the Security docs!

$ dffml service http server -insecure -cors '*' -addr -port 8080